Class A Buffer Technology

In a amplifier the buffer is the speaker drive module.  It takes the voltage amplification and adds the needed current necessary to drive the speaker.

Swan Song Audio Buffers are Push Pull Class A devices.  Push Pull means that massive matching transistors work together to drive the speaker.  Class A means the transistors are forced “on” even if there is no signal.  This causes Class A devices to run hotter because the transistor must “burn off” the voltage that is not being sent out to the speaker.  Therefore, Class A devices run hot at idle and cooler when asked to work hard. While Class A is inefficient, this configuration minimizes cross over distortion.  The harder the transistor is forced into Class A, the less the cross over distortion and the more heat that is generated.  Swan Song Audio Class A products are forced deep into Class A and therefore need plenty of heat sinks so that thermal distortion is minimized and part life longevity is maximized.

Class A amplifiers are more dynamic, cleaner, and have better rhythm and pace than modern chip amplifiers.  Class A brings you closer to the music.

Class A Integrated Amplifier
Back with DAC and High Level inputs

Class A Integrated Amplifier - $3500

The Class A Integrated Amplifier is based off the Black Swan Class A Buffer.  In the headphone mode, the circuitry is scaled back to deliver 1.25 watts into 32 ohms versus 25 watts into 8 ohms.  As a amplifier it can deliver 6 watts into 8 ohms with a 1 volt input.

No short cuts are taken in building the Class A Integrated Amplifier.  The same DAC module that is used in all integrated Swan Song Audio products is in the Class A Integrated Amplifier.  The Class A Integrated Amplifier power supply receives the same massive filtering and reserves found in the Black Swan Buffer.

Three 192 kHz digital inputs are provided to connect the headphone amplifier to a digital source.  For analog signals there is a set of line level analog inputs and a set of high voltage signal inputs.  The high voltage inputs allow direct connection to the buffer for higher voltage sources such as a tube preamplifier.  

To run as a small amplifier and headphone amplifier,  the high voltage inputs can be replaced with speaker jacks.  The analog inputs have a voltage cut mode that can be engaged to allow a tube preamplifier to continue to feed the input signal into the Class A Buffer.

The Class A configuration, linear power supply, and analog focused DAC brings the beauty of music found in the Black Swan line to an affordable smaller package.  The aesthetics, lighting, and Art Deco design also come straight from the Black Swan line.  The Class A Integrated Amplifier is the product for those looking for high end audio in a portable package.


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1 kHz 2.83v into 50 ohms .09% distortion

1 kHz 2.83v into 8 ohms .09% distortion

Class A Headphone Amplifier

  • Configuration: Class A push pull
  • Distortion headphone: .09% to .18% full power 50 ohms
  • Distortion amplifier : .09% 1 watts to .35% 6 watts 8 ohms
  • Signal to noise: Better than 80dB
  • Inputs: 2 192kHz optical, 1 coaxial (configurable), 1 set of analog inputs, 1 set of high signal bypass inputs
  • 1 headphone output
  • Speaker jacks: Configurable
  • Logo: Customizable colors
  • Dimensions: 9” wide 11.5” deep 3.75” tall
  • Weight: 9 pounds