6SN7 SET - $10,500

6SN7 3.3 watt amplifier
Back with DAC option
Separation of signal (left) and power (right)

The 6SN7 is the father of all modern dual triode tubes. After 68 years of production it is still highly sought after for it’s unequaled linearity and power handling.  That is why it continues to be the input tube of choice for countless high end tube amplifiers.

Now it enters a new role in life as the only tube needed in a zero feedback SET amplifier.  Working in parallel configuration, the 6SN7 amplifier puts out 3.3 watts a channel.  This allows the 6SN7 to power any speakers with a sensitivity greater than 96dB.  And with a gain of 12 it does so with very little input required.  A signal of 0.238 volts provides 1 watt into 8 ohms.

Keeping in line with the, “it's all you need” theme, the 6SN7 takes the meaning of the words "integrated tube amplifier" to a new level.  Configuration options include:

  • 10 ohm speaker OR 40 150 300 600 headphone output transformers
  • Volume control
  • Choice of:          
    • DAC input module with 1 analog input OR
    • 2 phonos (MM, MC, or 1 of each) and 2 analog inputs OR
    • 4 Analog inputs

Monitoring and adjustments are made easy with top mount:

  • AC voltage and power consumption monitoring
  • Bias monitoring and adjustment
  • Logo color adjustment
  • Resettable hour meter

Hearing the 6SN7 by itself is a revolutionary experience in linearity and increased detail for both the speaker and headphone listener.  Combining the 6SN7 with the "analog focused" DACP or single ended phono preamplifier module takes the listening experience to a whole new level while adding the convenience of fewer components and cables.

Here is a download sample.

Original Download.wav

Here is the same download played through the built in DAC in the 6SN7, out of the 6SN7, and recorded by the ADC.

6sn7 Sample.wav

Here is the same song used for Sample 1 with the SE Phono.  This time it is played through the I to V phono, into the 6SN7, out of the 6SN7, and recorded by the ADC.


Here is another sample using the I to V phono and the 6SN7.


Click here to access documentation videos on youtube


1kHz Signal to Noise at 1 watt (10dB per division)
  • Power: 3.3 watts
  • Input sensitivity: 0.428 volts
  • Signal to noise: Better than 90dB
  • Sowter Transformer taps: 10 ohms (configurable)
  • Sowter Headphone Transformer taps: 40 150 300 600 (configurable)
  • Vampire Wire gold plated solid copper 5 way binding posts
  • Phono Preamplifier option MC > 0.3mv with 4 loading options (configurable)
  • DAC option 2 192kHz optical, 1 coaxial (configurable), 1 set of analog inputs
  • Chassis: Powder coated stainless steel
  • Chassis color: Customizable
  • Logo: Customizable startup and ready colors
  • Dimensions: 17” wide 13.5” deep 4.5” tall
  • Weight: 30 pounds