Black Swan products are high performance products conceived and designed to explore the possibilities of two channel audio without the restrictions of conventional designs, methodologies, materials, or cost.  A Black Swan is a Song Audio statement product.

Each Black Swan is a labor of love requiring a 1 month or more of man hours to build and throughly test.  The build process begins with hand built circuit boards that are assembled on test beds.  Once on the test beds, each product is put through an exhaustive testing, tweaking, and listening process to ensure it is worthy on being called a Black Swan.  

When the Black Swan passes the testing and break in stages, it is assembled into its custom heavy duty chassis.  Inside the chassis the boards painstakingly hand wired with crimped and soldered copper connectors and heavy duty barrier strips.  This over engineered assembly process not only ensures low noise but the process also ensures that the Black Swan will have long life and and will be maintainable.  

Finally, the Black Swan's jewelry is more than skin deep.  The signal paths are wired in silver stranded wire twisted and insulated in house.  This ensures that the wiring inside the chassis is equal to or better than the most expensive interconnects.

For those who can afford the cost and wait times, the end result is a unique product that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the pursuit of the Purity of Sound.


In order to purchase a Black Swan product please use the “Contact” page to send us an email.  The Black Swan product line has a range of technical and aesthetic options.  Due to the variety of options; we would like to talk to you concerning your technical, aesthetic, and installation requirements.  

We would also like to setup a time for you to come and hear and see the product before purchasing.  This level of engagement ensures that your Black Swan purchase meets your needs in both the short and long term.