Class A Buffer Technology

In an amplifier the buffer is the speaker driver module.  It takes the voltage amplification and adds the needed current necessary to drive the speaker.

Swan Song Audio Buffers are Push Pull Class A devices.  Push Pull means that massive matching transistors work together to drive the speaker.  Class A means the transistors are forced “on” even if there is no signal.  This causes Class A devices to run hotter because the transistor must “burn off” the voltage that is not being sent out to the speaker.  Therefore, Class A devices run hot at idle and cooler when asked to work hard. While Class A is inefficient, this configuration minimizes hand off distortion.  The harder the transistor is forced into Class A, the less the cross over distortion and the more heat that is generated.  Swan Song Audio Class A products are forced deep into Class A and therefore need plenty of heat sinks so that thermal distortion is minimized and part life longevity is maximized.

Class A amplifiers are more dynamic, cleaner, and have better rhythm and pace than modern chip amplifiers.  Class A brings you closer to the music.

Class A 15 - 25 watt Buffer Front
Back Vampire Wire Gold Plated Copper Connectors

Class A Buffer - $6000 (if no setup required)

The Class A Buffer is the second half of MAD No. 6.  It allows MAD No. 6 or any preamplifier with a gain of 15 or more to drive a pair of speakers.  The Class A Buffer changes the amplification game shifting the focus from the amplifier to the preamplifier.

In keeping with the styling of MAD No.6, the Class A buffer shares the same chassis design and powder coated stainless steel chassis.  In place of the lighted swan, the Buffer utilizes a downward facing LED.  This design allows the Buffer to match up nicely to MAD No.6.

In order to minimize heat build up, the Buffer comes in a 15 watt and 25 watt version.  The circuitry in both versions is the same.  The difference is the power supply.  If the speaker sensitivity is greater than 93dB, then the 15 watt version allows the Buffer to work harder and run cooler, while providing all the drive required for the speakers.  If needs change, send the Buffer back to Swan Song Audio and at no charge the unit will be updated to handle 25 watts.


1 kHz 2.83v into 8 ohms .2% distortion
  • Configuration: Class A push pull
  • Distortion: .2% into 8 ohms at 1 watt
  • Signal to noise: Better than 80dB
  • Inputs: 1 set of RCAs
  • Outputs: 1 set of 5 way binding posts
  • Chassis: Annodized but can be upgraded to powder coat
  • Chassis color: Customizable
  • Dimensions: 12” wide 13.5” deep 4.5” tall
  • Weight: 18 pounds