Music Your Way Technology

Music your way allows for the adjustment of the sound of the SET amplifier or preamplifier to suit the recording.  For example the recording can be made to sound in a larger space.  This is known as fat.  If the bass seems a bit woolly it can be made tighter or leaner.

Fat and Lean are guitar terms and the setup of a guitar tube amplifier as fat or lean has been done for decades.  What is new is Swan Song Audio’s implementation.  In a tube amplifier the standard fat or lean setup cannot be easily changed.  Swan Song Audio's SET amplifiers and preamplifiers are specifically designed to allow the change from lean to fat “on the fly”.  The music your way makes the “on the fly” changes available to the public.

MAD No. 6 takes music your way one step further by allowing the changing of the tube to a tube with the desired tonality.  This is not simple changing the tube manufacturer but rather changing the tube being used.  MAD No. 6 supports 5 different tubes each with it’s own lean or fat characteristics.

Music your way SET amplification combined with Tone Wood speaker design brings music to life in a manner that cannot be duplicated with conventional technology.

MAD NO. 6 - 5 tube preamplifier with black powder coat option
Back with DAC option
Dials for tube selection, lean to fat, source, and volume

Multipurpose Amplification Device No. 6 - $9500

MAD No. 6 is the product of a collaboration between Swan Song Engineering and professional musicians to develop an amplification device that can be used in the recording studio or in the home.  In order to accomplish this lofty goal, the team focused on the areas of studio level sound quality, control, and flexibility.

The key to a high quality audio recording or reproduction is low noise.  MAD No. 6 uses both advanced power filtering and current sources to keep its power supply noise astonishingly low.  This means that MAD No.6 can operate in true SET fashion without any feedback.

With the power supply and current sources in place, the engineering efforts focused on making MAD No. 6 a first in preamplifier flexibility.  This starts with the ability to use the ECC85, 12AU7, 12BH7, 6CG7, and 6SN7 tubes.  Simply insert the tube of choice, set the first dial to the tube being used, set the lean to fat setting, and enjoy.  MAD No. 6 can now produce 20 different "sounds".  

Like all Black Swan products, no expense is spared in the building of MAD No. 6.  All parts are professional grade, and the interior signal path wiring is silver.

MAD No. 6 defines a new product category.  It provides the flexibility and control to meet your needs in a variety of scenarios.  From the headphone listener to the full blown stereo system.  From the consumer to the professional.  MAD No. 6 is designed to be customizable to meet your needs, tailored to meet your desired sound, and adapt as your system needs change.

Here are are two sample files showing the differences between the 6CG7 and 6SN7 tubes both set to their fullest sound setting:


6cg7 sample full.wav


6sn7 sample full.wav

1kHz Signal to Noise at 2.83v into 50K ohms (6SN7 10dB per division)


  • Gain: 16 to 49
  • Distortion: Tube dependent .07% to .26%
  • Tube complement: 6CG7, 6SN7, 12BH7, 12AU7, ECC85
  • Signal to noise: Better than 90dB
  • Vampire Wire gold plated solid copper RCA jacks output
  • Neutrik Heapdhone XLR combination output
  • DAC option 2 192kHz optical, 1 coaxial (configurable), 1 set of analog inputs
  • Chassis: Annodized but can be upgraded to powder coat
  • Chassis color: Customizable
  • Logo: Customizable startup and ready colors
  • Dimensions: 12” wide 13.5” deep 4.5” tall
  • Weight: 22 pounds