Swan Song Audio Speakers

Fat Man Woofer and Horn

Adjustable Horn Bracket with Laser Alignment 7 to 14 feet"

The function of a speaker is to serve as an air pump converting an electrical signal to air movement.  The majority of speakers suffer from two main problems:

  • 5% efficiency for the average cone speaker
  • 100 to 200% impedance swings

It is these two problem areas that contribute the most to tube amplifiers sounding different with different speakers.  But these problems can be addressed by:

  • Combining high efficiency cones with higher efficiency horns
  • Working with the speaker cabinet not against it
  • Employing impedance compensation networks

When the above methods are employed, less than 0.5 watts can fill a large listening room with copious amounts of unadulterated sound.

The Fat Man accomplishes the above with:

  • Tried and true concert speaker design using Italian high efficiency 18” woofers and high efficiency horns
  • Musical instrument cabinet design employing Baltic Birch and internal wave control instead of MDF and sound killing stuffing
  • Custom compensation networks utilizing impregnated copper coils, silver and oil capacitors, and hand made shielded silver wiring

In the search for Purity of Sound, this gentle giant sets new standards in what is possible.  The greater than 100dB efficiency allows for detail / linearity focused low wattage SET amplifiers to compete with 50 or 100 watts amplifiers.  The stabilized speaker impedance stabilizes the reflected plate impedance allowing the tube amplifier to operate in it's designated operating region.  The musical experience can best described as moving from black and white to color television.


Speaker Impedance vs Frequency
  • Sensitivity: > 100dB
  • Power Handling: 32 watts
  • Woofer: 18"
  • Horn: 2"
  • Average Woofer Impedance: 9.8 ohms 55 to 550hz
  • Average Horn Impedance: 10.8 ohms 550 to 20kHz
  • Construction: 0.75" 11 ply Baltic Birch
  • Stain: Customizable die stain and conversion varnish
  • Stainless steel: Brushed finished (powder coat available) 
  • Dimensions: 31” wide 16” deep 48” tall
  • Weight: 140 pounds each