The White Swan product line focuses on:

  • High quality parts
  • Small European style package
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Mid-range price point

White Swan products begin with the question “What if?”.  If the answer results in a new product or significant change to the current market offerings, design work begins.  

The design process focuses on using high quality components to develop the vision of “What If?”.  Each product is designed to offer flexibility, simplicity, and repeatable performance.

The production process begins after months of testing and endless hours of listening. Product costs are managed by utilizing surface mount components where possible. Surface mount parts not only help in reducing assembly costs but also have tighter tolerance and lower noise levels.  As with all Swan Song Audio products, all production is done in America.

Select “Analog” or “Digital” on the left hand side to access the White Swan product line. Then access the “Power” page to explore power supply options.


In order to purchase a Swan Song Audio product please use the “Contact” page to send us an email.  By communicating directly with us, we can assist you in selecting the product that best meets your needs.  We can tailor the gain and loading settings to best match your system requirements.  Finally, we provide different engraving in-fills colors to give your product a personal touch.