Tone Woods

Tonality is what gives music life.  Each instrument infuses the music with the tonality created by it’s construction.  The tonality of the instrument allows for the identification of the construction and the maker of the instrument.  The amount of resonance in the music indicates the size of the instrument and the room in which the music was recorded.

Tone woods are woods that are used to give a wood based instrument it’s tone.  Denser woods such as mahogany and rosewood add dark tones.  Lighter woods such as maple and spruce brighten music.  This is why violins are made of spruce.  Guitars are made from a combination of spruce or maple with mahogany or rosewood.  Mahogany provides upright basses with strength and deep resonating sound.

Swan Song Audio embraces tonality rather than fighting it.  By utilizing tone woods in the speaker construction, wood based instruments and vocals come to life.  Tone wood speakers, when properly constructed, regenerate the tonality lost in ordinary speakers by adding the proper amount and timbre and resonance.

Monitor Speaker with maple front and mahogany sides
Monitor Speaker maple back and 3 inch port

Monitor Speaker with Bass Extension and Handles

Monitor Speaker - $5500

Bass Extension - $2800

The Monitor Speaker is designed to bring out the tonality and the detail found music’s midrange.  This accomplished by focusing on the following key elements:

  • Solid Mahogany and Maple cabinet construction that mimics wood instrument construction.
  • Internal substructures that stabilize the wood and reduce standing waves.
  • Professional grade drivers that allow the lower 2Khz frequencies to come from a single driver.
  • Custom cross over design that controls unwanted speaker responses with minimal cross over coloration.
  • Wood artists that ensure the cabinet construction is precise, sound, and beautiful.

To ensure that the Monitor is an easy speaker to live with, the following constraints were put in place:

  • The woofer and tweeter drivers are matched at 91dB sensitivities so that they will work with low powered amplifiers.
  • The speaker separates into the Monitor and the Bass Extension to make it easier to move and ship.
  • The Monitor and the Bass Extension can be purchased separately and combined later as listening and environment needs change.
  • The Monitor nests inside the Bass Extension during transport.
  • The cabinet is finished with tung oil to allow it to breath and be easier to repair scratches.

The separate Monitor and Bass Extension concept, though unconventional, is wonderful.  For small environments the monitor is all that is need for the majority of music.  For larger environments the Bass Extension increases speaker output and lowers the frequency response from 52 to 32 dBs.  Moving the speaker is made easier by “breaking down” the speaker into smaller more manageable pieces and installing the removable handles.  As with the cabinets the handles are made by an American artist working in metal.

The Bass Extension works as a passive sub woofer.  The back wave from the speaker is fed into the Bass Extension were it is allowed to grow before being sent out the Bass Extension port.  The advantage of a passive sub woofer is that the audio signal from the amplifier is not altered to create increased bass.  Because of the added stiffness in the Bass Extension cabinet, the bass is very tight.  This allows of a -3dB point of 35 hertz and a -5dB point of 30 hertz.  Setup is 7 inches for the Bass Extension port from the back wall, actually setup may vary between 6.5 and 7.5 inches.  See the plot below for the difference in response measured at a 89dB 1 kHz base line at 1 meter.

There are many speakers in the world.  There are not many with cabinets made from solid wood.  When the requirements of mimicking a wood instruments, livability, and artistry are added; the Swan Song Audio Monitor is the clear choice.

Unique features of the Monitor include:

  • Solid Mahogany and Curley Maple cabinet (no plywood, laminates, or MDF).
  • Minimal stuffing to allow the tone woods to work with the speaker drivers.
  • Replaceable front and rear panels support changes in speaker tonality and reduce the cost of repairing damage.
  • Internal substructure stabilizes the wood and reduces standing waves.
  • Transportability is made easier by nesting the Monitor inside the Bass Extension.
  • Flexible Bass Extension usage for increased bass or media / speaker stand.
  • Removable handles ease the speaker movement process.
  • Customizable Art Deco cabinet design.
  • Reduction of signal degradation with premium in-house crossovers using Mundorf parts and stranded silver wiring.
Bass Extension low end frequency response green versus the speaker alone blue.  89dB at 1 kHz 1 meter base line.



  • Monitor 
    • Frequency response 52 hertz
    • Dimensions 14” wide by 10.5” deep by 18” tall
    • Weight 32 pounds
  • Bass Extension 
    • Frequency response 32 hertz
    • Dimensions 19” wide by 15” deep by 22” tall
    • Weight 34 pounds


  • Ported 2 way design with a 2kHz Crossover
  • Faital Pro 10 inch woofer
  • Eton 28mm silk dome tweeter
  • Sensitivity 91dB
  • Nominal impedance 8 ohms